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June 12 2014


Bangkok Factory Outlet Stores

July 2010 update many thanks to a kind reader: Oakley electrical outlet closed. I'll see if I could dig up an Oakley electrical outlet in other places.

(across from President Park Hotel).

The Jim Thompson, Levi's and Oakley factory department store explained right here are simple for newcomers to locate and see. They are found in Bangkok proper, unlike the glass wares, bone china and pots and pans manufacturing facility establishments, described in an earlier write-up.

Hrs: 9 am to 6 pm, daily.

On 4 floorings, anticipate to discover silk fabric, headscarfs, skirts and other apparel, neck associations, napkins, place floor coverings, silk-edged picture frames and photo cds, cushion covers, packed playthings, purses, cosmetic bags, table towels, pocketbooks as well as beanbag chairs. There's a caf on the fifth flooring.

Leave the Phrom Phong Skytrain terminal on the Emporium side, however continue walking onward for an additional block, then turn ideal onto Sukhumbit Soi 24.

Instructions to Jim Thompson manufacturing plant outlet: From central Bangkok, take the Skytrain east to one of the newest stations, E11, aka Punnawithi. Leave on the northeast side and backtrack to Soi 93. Take a right into Sukhumvit Soi 93. Jim Thompson's five-story establishment is a brief way adverse the left-hand party.

Hrs: 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Phra Khanong district.

Phra Khanong district.

2nd Fl, Sukhumvit Soi 24.

A couple of times a year-- often around mid-year and in December-- Jim Thompson also holds a large three-day offer on ceased items. There are commonly HALF % price cuts, yet in some cases approximately 75 %. These sales are held at BITEC. Examine the web site for dates, along with the areas of Jim Thompson discount outlets in Phuket and Pattaya.

The stylish sunglasses are made, or assembled, in Thailand. Don't anticipate the lines with MP3 gamers set up, though. Besides eyewear, there are t-shirts and often a few other top quality garments on offer.

Phrom Phong Skytrain Terminal.

To head to the Levi's shop after visiting Jim Thompson, backtrack onto the main Sukhumvit Roadway. The Levi's store is on the primary nuisance, on the left-hand or south side of Sukhumvit Road, in between Sukhumvit Soi Discount Oakley Sunglasses 98 and Sukhumvit Soi 100. Besides denims, belts, t-shirts and other Levi garments things are sold below. Promos run 40 % -60 % off retail prices. However denims valued at less compared to 1,000 baht are less compared to retail costs in normal Bangkok stores.

Levi's Manufacturing plant Electrical outlet Shop.

Jim Thompson silk products require little intro. Along with the beautiful residence the American business owner left, there are 14 Jim Thompson establishments in central Bangkok alone. Much less recognized is that new Jim Thompson products and designs are introduced yearly. Stopped items wind up in the factory outlet as do leftovers from custom orders.

2533 Sukhumvit Road (between Sukhumvit Soi 98 and Soi 100)).

Phone: 02-332-7140, Ext 3688.

The Jim Thompson and Levi's outlets are close to each other and could quickly be visited on the very same trip. Those taking late air travels from Suvannabhumi International Airport terminal might consider quiting at these 2 factory outlets on the means. Both stores are additionally quite near to the BITEC Convention Center. For convention-goers stood out there, a visit to the Jim Thompson store in certain would be a nifty way to pick up some tiny brand-name souvenirs linked with Thailand.

Jim Thompson Manufacturing plant Offers Outlet.

Never mind with the phone numbers provided on a number of websites for Oakley's outlet: nobody addresses. Opening days and hours are as a result unsure. The conserving elegance is that the Oakley store is really centrally located, off Sukhumvit Road, near the Stand mall. Checking out on a weekday during standard purchasing hours should be a risk-free option.

Phone: 02-332-6530, ext 13.

153 Sukhumvit 93.

Bangkok's Levi's Manufacturing facility Department store.

Camp Davis Mall,.

Pricha Structure.

Directions to Jim Thompson and Levi's Stores.

Oakley Sun glasses Outlet.

Oakley Manufacturing plant Department store.

May 24 2014


Polarized Sunglasses For Sports

Men's sunglasses are accessible in every brand, shape, size and color you can imagine. Generally there are a few styles designed particularly for driving yet others particularly regarding runners. However maybe probably the actual most essential distinction for most sports enthusiasts is the really fact that associated with polarized versus non polarized lenses.

Most men agree which if this arrives to end up being able to sports getting leading level equipment helps make all the distinction and also chances this website have anyone been devote a fantastic deal in selecting the right sports gear. Yet a great set of sunglasses is a little bit of equipment that will not break the bank. no issue which usually sports a person enjoy selecting any quality pair of polarized sunglasses will assist you to enjoy the encounter and also increase your degree of performance. Greatest regarding all, inside the right couple of polarized glasses you'll look nice pitching the perfect game, or even hitting which hole throughout one.

When mild is actually reflected off a surface it tends to travel in a linear direction instead of becoming dispersed in every directions. This kind of produces the phenomenon known as glare. Polarized lenses get rid of glare through filtering incoming mild waves. the result isn't simply much less glare however a new clearer image and also softer touch about the eyes.

Polarized eyeglasses have been very loved by fishermen with regard to fairly several time. Polarized sunglasses in many cases are occasions referred to be able to as fishing sunglasses since polarized lenses eliminate your glare off water allowing fishermen to determine beneath your surface to better recognized submerged objects and also fish. This kind of gives fishing enthusiasts wearing polarized lenses the distinct advantage throughout finding fish.

Even many drivers swear through polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses break up your glare coming from distant objects such as the hoods as well as windshields associated with passing cars, and even help to get rid of these pesky street mirages available on many desert highways. Polarized assist keep a driver relaxed as well as well attuned for the many risks of the road.

Runners and also skiers in addition locate making use of polarized lenses beneficial. Polarized sunglasses help skiers in order to eliminate glare and decrease the intensity of what can be blinding sunlight. Additionally because polarized eyeglasses filter 100% associated with UV light they help stop retinal damage due to light reflecting off your snow. Whilst runners take pleasure in the clear along with stabilized view polarized lenses offer.

Golfers also enjoy many in the benefits of polarized lenses. Because talked about above, polarized lenses not only reduce glare but additionally help to minimize haze and also give a obvious image. Polarized golfing sunglasses assist golfers track the ball flight by means of air and browse greens together with ease. Certainly Not just are polarized golf sunglasses advantageous to some golfers game, they will are also stylish and comfortable.

Whether you're hitting the links or even the lake, the actual dugout or even the driver's seat, it can be important in order to have the right performance equipment. We devote a huge number of bucks making certain we have the right set of golf clubs, offset with just about all the appropriate loft and shaft size. We invest a lot more into which bass boat with trolling motor and also dual depth fish finders. However, 1 little bit of equipment the majority of recreational athletes don't place a lot thought straight into are sunglasses.

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